HMRC Tax Advice Results In Accountant of the Year 2020 Award

HMRC Tax Advice Results In Accountant of the Year 2020 Award

posted on January 1, 2021

by: Ian Marlow / 2 comments / HFM Tax

We are delighted to announce that we have won the title of Accountant of the Year 2020 from Unbiased, the leading online resource to connect individuals and businesses to professional advisors, after giving sound HMRC tax advice. We have been working with Unbiased for a few years now and been able to assist hundreds of people with their tax and accounting challenges. We are delighted to win this award in its first year, particularly that the winners were voted for by the users of the service themselves. Thank you to all the many satisfied clients who voted for us!

One of these was Patrick, who (to our surprise) actually made the announcement that we were the winners. As he describes, we helped out Patrick following a significant life change, steering him through a stressful maze of complex tax problems to avoid paying a tax bill he didn’t owe and delivering real peace of mind with solid HMRC tax advice. As with most of our clients, he has stayed long-term after we resolved the initial problems. We think that that is where the real value lies, in building a long-term relationship with clients so we can offer timely and meaningful advice.

Here is a clipping from the actual award ceremony held on 26 November 2020:

As Unbiased say themselves, “If you run a small business or are otherwise self-employed, then having an accountant can bring many advantages. At the most basic level, your accountant can free up more of your time by handling key functions such as bookkeeping and tax returns. As your business grows, your accountant’s input will become progressively more significant, covering essential areas like financial reporting, compliance, payroll, tax efficiency, business planning and more.”

And if you are a personal taxpayer whose affairs are getting more complex, then working with us can ensure your tax affairs are regularly checked for efficiency and any potential tax savings pointed out. And that is in addition to providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tax affairs are being dealt with by experienced professionals. We aim to be accessible and explain technical issues as clearly as possible. We also want to provide you with the information about what is possible so that you make decisions that fit with your lifestyle goals.

We will quote a fixed price up front – either a monthly retainer or a fixed fee for the accounts or tax return – as we find that clients don’t like surprises. The monthly fee will include any advice you need during the year as well as preparing your tax return and accounts. That way you can budget for our services and have access to a dedicated team member who will be familiar with your affairs. That way you get the benefit of experienced and informed device whenever you need it.

Forgive us for blowing our own trumpet in this blog. But it’s not everyday you’re awarded Accountant of the Year!

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