Online Accounting Is The Present Not the Future

Online Accounting Is The Present Not the Future

posted on December 10, 2019

by: Ian Marlow / 0 comments / Online Accounting

The world is changing and the business world is no exception. Once accounting ledgers were written longhand in copperplate handwriting but now no one would think of recording transactions that way. In the 21st century, with mobile phones and OCR in conjunction with sophisticated accounting software, so much can be automated.  And that leaves you with more time to run your business as well as all the data you need to make good business decisions.

And soon Digital Tax Accounts will be the normal way HMRC work with taxpayers and accountants and using online accounting software will become essential (rather than using spreadsheets). So, rather than being reluctantly forced into a new way of working, why not embrace all the advantages of doing so. You can simplify your processes and review your business numbers 24/7 from anywhere in real time.

Why would you not want to record receipts with a photograph and have the transaction automatically entered into your accounts? Why would you manually reconcile bank statements when you can have an automatic bank feed to software that recognizes regular transactions and automates their entry? The 21st Century has been here for a while now so why not update to a 21st Century accounting system and save time and money while controlling your business more effectively.

So, if you are just starting out in business, or your business is growing and you want to ensure you use a streamlined, efficient tool that saves you more of your hard earned cash, then we urge you to start online accounting straight away. Get in touch with HFM for some free, impartial advice to help you get started. We have been using online accounting tools for over a decade so we have all the experience and expertise to get you started.

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10th December 2019
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