Dingle Herring

Starting a business

increase in revenue

Dingle Herring & Company Limited is a video production company started in 2017 by two friends keen to use their expertise and set up on their own. Starting from nothing they built a very healthy turnover in the first year and then grew it by 55% by the end of the second year, doubling their profits along the way. HFM worked with them from the very start, helping them to set up effective financial systems as well as dealing with their statutory accounts and tax returns.

“HFM has been an integral part of our business from the start. They helped us get our business off the ground, both with accounting and with crucial, business and financial advice. All processes have been simplified for us, which has allowed us to focus on driving our business and doing what we do best.” ~Dingle Herring

Starting a new business is hard enough without having to struggle with setting up financial systems on your own. Using experts helps ease the pain and, by allowing you to focus on what you do best, will enable you to build revenue and profitability more quickly.

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