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Residence and Domicile Tax Issues

Taxpayers who are either non-domiciled or non-resident in the UK have particular tax issues and opportunities that need care and experience to structure and report accurately so the tax benefits are maximised without fear of problems from HMRC

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Autumn Budget Summary

Ian Marlow

SummaryAs with the Spring Budget 2021, much of the detail for the Autumn Budget had been leaked to the press prior to the official report to parliament, 27th October 2021.But we now have all the details and, as usual, there is much to consider. The following Autumn Budget summary is split into two sections:Taxation...


Ian Marlow

Changes in Dividend Tax Dividends have been taxed at a lower rate for some time and taking a combination of minimum salary and then dividends has been a standard remuneration strategy for small owner managed businesses.If you have been keeping up with announcements from Downing Street, you will know that from April 2022 the hybrid rates...

Health and Social Care Levy

Ian Marlow

Boris Johnson has announced a new 1.25% health and social care levy on earned income, with dividend rates increasing by the same amount. He said the levy would fix the long term problems of health and social care that have been “cruelly exposed by Covid”. The increase in national insurance comes into effect in April 2022 and...